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HalalCorp Consultancy

from IT-3E

UEN: 200917227N, Since 2009

Who we are

We are a team of professional business consultants with about 10 years of experience globally. We focus on business consultancy services and certification consultancy which are inevitable for a company to thrive in the local market as well as on a global scale.

We are to help and support the growing companies, SMEs, startups, and small-sized manufacturers to become world-renowned companies while equipping them with competitive advantage and added-value.

What can we do for you

We work together with clients to provide guidance, recommendation, as well as feedback for every step. Starting from application to fulfilling requirements in the manufacturing facility and performing audits to achieve relevant certifications smoothly. Plus, we facilitates and eases the tedious processes of application, audit, and revision processes for customers and navigates them on the way

Professional Halal Services we provide



Although, we have been doing halal for almost a decade, there are times, you will need extra certification for your products to be able to be exported globally.

Hence, you can engage us to provide you with global insight on how these certifications can help and what are the requirement.

ISO, HACCP, BPOM application and registration

Aside from food and beverages, Halal has also delved into other economy sector. Hence, the tourism and health are another Halal sector as they are considered to be part of the Muslim lifestyle and culture.

Halal Corp will be able to provide you with fuss free halal tourism for entertainment, getaway, medical or even fitness purpose with the halal way of Muslim lifestyle.

Currently, our biggest business and company revenues are from our Halal Consultancy. Not only we do halal in Singapore for Muis Halal certification, but we also do Jakim Of Malaysia and Halal Indonesia certification too. If you need Indonesia Halal cert, look no further we are here to help your business.

HalalCorp will ensure you will get your halal certificate 

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